Gran Turismo 2 - Info Dump

Click on the links above or next to the region of the game below and find stuff mined straight from the game files. Includes data on all races, with all potential opponents and restrictions; data on each car including basics, the price of and power adjustment caused by each upgrade, and the min & max power possible; and a listing of the used cars in each cycle. All the data comes from the 1.0 version of the game in that region, and apart from headings and race names (which only exist as images) comes straight from the game. Anything weird that doesn't add up (like the Toyota GT-One's base colour being defined as black, white's looking more grayish) is down to the game. Also, apart from this page, the site is generated by a program, so that's why the design is minimal. Thanks to Stuart Langridge for the table sorting JavaScript

All data is in the units for that region, so the Japanese pages inflate the prices by 100 and uses PS as the power rating, while USA weights are in lbs instead of kg. Except for torque, that's in kg/m everywhere because I couldn't be bothered to find the conversion code

You can find the backgrounds and all other menu and dealer images from the various versions here, as well as a bunch of early/beta UI images I found amongst them here

I also made an 'upgrade calculator' to plan/simulate upgrading a car without needing to have the game running

General Stats

Japanese cover USA Cover PAL Cover